Don’t Lose Another Candidate Because Your Client is Taking
Too Long

Time kills deals. With Hiredeck, client feedback is much easier and much faster. Plus our intelligent analytics means you’re always in the know. When a client receives a Hiredeck shortlist, there’s no going back. So be the first to send them one!

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Striking Candidate Submissions at Your Fingertips

Whether you opt for free Hiredeck or our Pro version, packed with some super useful additional features, Hiredeck is guaranteed to transform your shortlisting process.

Beat the competition

Hiredeck is the most striking portal available for recruiters, helping you really stand out against your competition. Your candidates have never been showcased better and your clients will love it!

Instant feedback

Clients can add comments against different candidates within the portal for your review. They can request a call back in one click or reject or approve a candidate for interview.


You’ll receive notifications when clients interact with your Hiredeck giving you much greater control over the process. No more guessing when the best time to reach out is. Another time-saving bonus. 

Place the unplaced

Only one of your candidates is going to get the job but with Hiredeck you have a ready-made spec list featuring the best of the rest. At that point it’s super quick and easy to send this out to other clients.

Client collaboration

Clients can share your Hiredeck shortlist across their business for review. Everyone involved can interact with the Hiredeck within the portal, keeping everything together in one place.

Easy access, on the move

Your clients access your Hiredeck via a one-click link. There’s no need for them to download or install anything, or even to log in. Anytime, anywhere, any device, your Hiredeck will be ready for their review. 

Safe and secure

Your Hiredeck submissions are controlled with a password, ensuring your candidate data is safe and secure. Plus, you have the added reassurance that Hiredeck is fully ISO27001 certified.

Hiredeck provides you with a far superior way to submit your candidates versus sending your shortlists by email. But if you want the best of the best, Hiredeck Pro is the way to go. You’ll get added flexibility and automation, the ability to export formatted CVs/resumes, and that all important hiring data. All for just £39 per month.

Your brand and theirs

We told you it was the most striking shortlist your clients were going to see. Well, the branding is fully customisable too, meaning you can add your own logo and colour scheme and your client’s logo too.

Added flexibility

While Hiredeck is limited to four candidates with one attached document per vacancy, Pro lets you submit up to 40 candidates with up to five attached documents. Perfect for speccing.  

Export formatted CVs

We know you can’t always prescribe the process to your clients. Which is why, with Pro, you can export formatted CVs/resumes for each submission on the dashboard, along with a branded coversheet.


Pro also gives you access to hiring data, including engagement stats and candidate views. Armed with this info you can follow up with data-led advice, cementing the added value you’re offering.

AI generated profiles

Pro is integrated with ChatGPT to automatically create an AI-generated candidate summary for every applicant in your shortlist. A great time-saving feature to elevate your submissions.



Pro also adds an integration into your CRM’s back-end reporting and comes with added automation integrations to remove almost all manual intervention.

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