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Hiredeck is a revenue-driving digital shortlisting portal available exclusively for recruitment agencies.

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How Hiredeck Works

Submitting candidates to clients via email is outdated. Hiredeck is the future. Watch below to find out why. Your shortlists will never have looked so good.

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Hiredeck gives you a slick candidate submissions portal, available free to your whole agency, that helps you take greater control of the hiring process and provide a superior service to your clients. Packed with amazing features to completely transform your shortlists, it’s a no-brainer add-on to your existing solutions stack. For added functionality including custom branding, advanced analytics, formatted CV/resume exports, AI-generated profiles, and more, choose Hiredeck Pro. Check out your options below.


How Hiredeck Helps

Take Control

Hiredeck takes your candidate submissions to a whole new level, providing your clients with everything they need in one place. You can add images, CVs/resumes, cover letters, salary, notice, and any other documents you want to include, ready for their review. They can then interact with your shortlist with likes, comments, callback and interview requests and you’ll be notified in real-time as they do. This means you’ll know exactly when to follow up, giving you more control than ever before.

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All in One Place

Stop sending CVs/resumes by email. Send a Hiredeck instead, and give your clients the first-class hiring experience they deserve. They’ll access your striking, co-branded Hiredeck at the click of a button and will see your candidates presented as they’ve never seen them before. They can then review and compare your shortlist, in one place, and can request interviews or a callback from within the portal. Hiredecks can be shared making collaboration simpler too. With Hiredeck your clients will make more informed decisions, faster.

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More Opportunities

The benefits for you and you clients are clear to see, but your candidates win with Hiredeck too. Firstly, it allows you to present them in the best possible light, giving them an advantage over other candidates on the market. Secondly, you can quickly and easily create and share Hiredecks across multiple clients, all accessible in one click. It’s the perfect speccing tool for you which means several opps for them via one submission! They’ll benefit from faster feedback too as Hiredeck speeds up the process for everyone involved.

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